BARTENDAZ is used as a metaphor for life – PULL UP YOUR CHARACTER!

The origin of the word BARTENDAZ can be traced back to an easy word game of American slang:
-    In American English language the ‘bars’ mean pull up bars which are either associated with outdoor fitness parks or playgrounds or with bars, pubs and taverns where we all may end up to socialize while consuming alcohol. It is worthless to mention which is proved to be the healthier community building venue.
-    In American slang the word ‘bartendaz’ means bartenders, which here refers to the team members, to the metaphoric waitresses and bartenders who are in the passionate service of the society by serving regular exercising, including regular bodyweight practice routines and a more conscious, sportier, healthier lifestyle.

    is teaching young hearts and souls and improving their direct enviroment by forming role models, leading by example and by practising own body exercises routines;
-    is organizing communities and demonstrating how to be stronger and more positive both physically and mentally as well as being able to avoid the bad and acting consciously on the right track;
-    is drawing attention to the importance of developing the following qualities: balance, creativity, discipline, endurance, flexibility, humility, strength and teamwork.


BARTENDAZ find it extremely important to raise public awareness of one’s own health as life’s one true value (’Health is Wealth, Movement is Medicine’). As well as the constant improvement of ones own health by physical activity over artificial drug use. The members are the true practitioners, coaches, and professionals of the innovative own bodyweight routine.